Fitbit Sense smartwatch with voice to text

The Fitbit Sense smartwatch comes with built-in Alexa and Google Assistant speakers. The device also has a button designed for voice input. When you press the sensor button, you should cover the whole area with your thumb. Pressing the button one or two times will wake the screen and return to the clock face. You can also hold it for two seconds to launch an app. The default settings include Alexa, music, payments, and a timer. You can program the button to open a different app.

The Fitbit Sense also offers many other features. Users can customize button shortcuts. These shortcuts include Alexa, Exercise, Music, Payment, and Timer. There is also a microphone for making calls and switching between phones. The speaker is good for short conversations, but not for long conversations. The Sense lets you quickly access watch settings and other features. You can also check your emails, Facebook, and other social media notifications using the integrated apps.

The Fitbit Sense also monitors heart electrical activity. The watch can detect abnormal heart rate, and can send alerts to your doctor if it detects atrial fibrillation. The company has yet to receive FDA approval for this feature, but the Versa 3 offers the same features for a more affordable price. You can find out more about the Fitbit Sense smartwatch by visiting Fitbit.

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